Dr. Mac Powell

Dr. Mac Powell is a PGA Master professional and Certified Mental Performance Consultant for the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and applies his knowledge of performance psychology and change management to higher-education improvement. A former professor of psychology and clinician, Dr. Powell brings an MBA, a PhD and decades years of experience to his passions for inclusion and opportunity in the lives of students.

With several notable pennants in his curriculum vitae, Dr. Powell has some that stand out quite high- he was the President of not one, but three universities, including being the youngest President in the United States upon his appointment at WestMed College. He is also currently the Chair of ACE Commission on Education Attainment and Innovation and the past chair of Council of Applied Master’s Programs in Psychology. Dr. Powell may also be recognized for his former work as a Commissioner of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Performance Psychology.

In addition to his educational acumen, Dr. Powell has published over 100 articles regarding higher-education advancement, sports psychology, and the future of education. Ultimately Dr. Powell’s goal in life is to help improve access to opportunity and promote high standards of performance for individuals and institutions, and he certainly shows his passion in doing so- whether as a compassionate therapist with his patients or as a leader of an educational institution while raising millions of dollars to instill positive change. He is an established educator, leader, innovator, and author, and he takes the dream of progress and turns it into a reality.

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